Tallahassee 2 Way has teamed up with the industries leading restaurant paging companies in order to bring you top quality products at low level prices! Our guest paging systems will allow you to seat more guests quickly, turn tables faster, and boost revenue.

Tallahassee 2 Way offers the Maoxn TS2000 and TJ3000 for your restaurant staff as well. These radios have a small design and are light weight , so the staff will be able to carry them comfortably.


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We, also, offer in-app paging systems that allows restaurant staff to manage table availability, wait lists and reservations right from their iOS device (featured in videos below).

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Tallahassee 2 Way, also, offers staff pagers. These "call buttons" are used  to improve staff efficiency. When the call button is pressed, the staff is alerted by either a LED light , LED display, or an optional sound. We provide beepers and waterproof watch pagers as well for a more discreet look.​